15Feb 2019

Water Treatment Technical Sales and SupportResponsibilities:• Design water purification systems from customer specifications regarding daily water demand, water quality reports, and building layout.• Assisting customers on the phone, e-mail or via field visits for system start-up & training• Review plumbing and electrical schematics for water treatment systems to confirm design and provide proper specifications to […]

13Feb 2019

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve in both environmental impact awareness as well as regulatory compliance, dealing with the reality of fertilizer runoff has become a topic no real professional cultivator can ignore. Gone are the days of indiscriminate wastewater disposal; no one can feign a lack of understanding of the devastating effects nutrient […]

19Nov 2018

In every production industry, taking the guesswork out of troubleshooting is equal to money in the bank. When it comes to the competitive world of kombucha production, having full control over water chemistry is one of the most important investments a company can make. For Aina Kombucha, starting with a pure water base using HydroLogic […]

27Sep 2018

Thoroughly understanding the infrastructure advantages and limitations of a potential cultivation site is generally understood as a key prerequisite to engineering a successful operation. Among the myriad of variables, a comprehensive evaluation of all things water is among the most overlooked as well as the most loaded with hidden costs. HyperLogic deals with ironing out […]

08Aug 2018

HyperLogic’s Commercial RO line can be found all over the world in operations requiring 2,000 to 19,000 gallons a day of purified water. For larger water demand requirements, professional operations require the Industrial and Heavy Industrial systems which feature advanced water management technology for scale filtration. But even with the HyperLogic Commercial RO systems, there’s […]

19Jul 2018

I had an interesting exchange regarding the industry’s future on water regulation. There’s already a lot to know, and much more still to be learned, but take it from an industry expert, big changes are on the near horizon. 5 Questions with Rich Gellert

24May 2018

America, the Chlorinated According to the American Chemistry Council, about 98% of U.S. water treatment systems use some type of chlorine disinfection, with chloramines comprising about 20% of usage and rapidly growing. While the two compounds essentially perform the same function, they are different in that chloramines (chlorine bonded with ammonia) is far more resilient […]

03May 2018

HyperLogic Professional Water Filtration is the commercial division of HydroLogic Purification Systems®, formed 15 years ago in response to increasing demand for professional and purpose-built water filtration systems specifically designed for growing cannabis. Today, modern techniques to grow premium cannabis on an industrial scale have been refined to a science, and water chemistry is widely […]

13Apr 2018

Many critical decisions go into choosing the optimal layout, lighting plan, irrigation/fertigation systems and climate-control design for a successful hydroponic cultivation facility. These highly engineered systems make up a large portion of upfront build-out expenses. However, all too often, the importance of a consistent, reliable water source is overlooked. Even seasoned professionals can lack the adequate […]

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