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Pump Skid for Hydroponic Facility Water Distribution

  • Pre-plumbed and leak tested Feed or Distribution Pump Skid systems
  • High-efficiency, energy-saving, stainless steel Goulds VFD Pumps ranging from 5 to 350+ GPM
  • Fully automated with pressure switches controlled by a PLC or pump controller
  • Custom Feed or Distribution Pump Skid systems built to spec

Our Plug & Play Pump Skids are pre-plumbed variable frequency drive (VFD) pump systems that come fully automated with pressure switches, pressure tanks, pump controller box (PLC), all mounted on a powder-coated, self-contained metal frame. We carry several sizes of variable VFD pumps that range from 5 gallons per minute to 350+ gallons per minute, 800 feet total dynamic head. The Distribution Pump Skid system delivers purified water from a clean water storage tank and guarantees pressurized, on-demand Reverse Osmosis water wherever needed. The Feed Pump Skid system pulls water from a feed water storage or break tank, to the RO skid and backwash media tanks at the required flow rates. Additionally, redundant or Jockey pump systems can add extra security for foolproof water distribution.

Distribution Pump Skid

Distribution Pump Skid systems are designed to feed water from clean water storage tanks and then distribute the purified RO water throughout a facility. These systems are compatible with all fertigation and nutrient injector systems and can also distribute nutrients through irrigation lines. For large operations, pump skids are typically needed for purified RO water distribution across long distances, high elevations, at high flow rates.

Feed Pump Skid

Feed Pump Skid systems deliver water from a feed water tank to the RO. Feed pump systems are required if the feed flow or pressure is too low for the RO spec, and must be stored in a break tank. Additionally, for RO systems that require iron removal pre-treatment, feed pumps may be needed to supply the higher flow rates required to backwash the iron pre-filtration tanks. HyperLogic Feed Pump Skid systems relay with the RO system to automatically feed the RO and media tanks at required rates.

Goulds Booster Pumps - 60 Hz – Flows Shown at PSI Range 50-60

Pump Skid Chart
Skid size is typically 72″ x 30″ and comes with heavy-duty powder-coated, welded carbon steel frame and fiberglass-reinforced no-rust floor.


  • Custom engineered P&ID, electrical drawings, specification sheets, schematics and instruction manuals available upon initial deposit.
  • Over-the-phone /  video chat system startup included
  • On-site system commissioning and operation and maintenance training available for a service charge.
  • Quarterly, bi-annual or annual site visits to ensure systems are running to spec and continuous staff training for a service charge

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