Water Distribution/Repressurization Skid

This Plug & Play Distribution Skid system comes fully automated by providing pressurized, on demand water. The pump can be controlled by a high pressure switch or a VFD. Combined with our Plug & Play Reverse Osmosis (RO) Skids, which also use float switches to ensure that the clean RO water storage tanks are always full, the Distribution Skid helps automate the water filtration and distribution processes. From tap to plant, HyperLogic technologies guarantee that pressurized, purified water will be automatically delivered to your cannabis with minimal setup and maximum efficiency.

Distribution Repressurization Skid

  • Repressurizes and distributes water from reverse osmosis (RO) storage tanks through the entire irrigation system.

  • Compatible with all fertigation and nutrient injector systems.

  • Spec'd according to specific flow and PSI requirements
    from 30 to 500+ GPM.

  • Plug & Play Skid comes pre-plumbed and leak tested with single or dual redundant pumps, single or dual pressure tanks, high pressure switch, low level float switch and electrical control box. Optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) control available.

  • Built with the highest quality pumps that will provide years of uninterrupted service.

  • Skid size is typically 72" x 30" and comes with heavy duty powder coated, welded carbon steel frame and fiberglass reinforced no-rust floor.