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Nutrient Runoff Water Reclaim Skid

  • Reclaims up to 30,000 GPD of nutrient runoff (leachate).
  • Reduces 50-80% of hydroponic irrigation wastewater and reduces water usage
  • Is a modular system that can be added to any cultivation facility dealing with wastewater regulations
  • All equipment comes on a pre-plumbed and leak tested, powder coated all-metal skid

Conserving water and reducing wastewater is becoming a crucial step in preparing for future regulations and becoming efficient with resources in commercial grow facilities.

Using a high-efficiency reverse osmosis system to purify nutrient runoff is an important part in striving for minimum liquid discharge. It is more economical to dramatically reduce wastewater at higher concentrations with RO compared to trucking off large volumes of less concentrated wastewater. During this process, water is reclaimed, which also reduces water usage.

HyperLogic Nutrient Runoff Filtration System is designed to produce up to 30,000 gallons per day of RO water from leachate and concentrate wastewater sources. The NRFS system can reclaim 50-80% of the nutrient runoff, RO concentrate, and final flush water. The NRFS is a modular system that can be added to any cultivation facility to reclaim wastewater and conserve water.