Reverse Osmosis/Water Purification Case Studies

Green Dot Labs

Delivering Premium Products with Consistent, Pure Water Quality

Green Dot Labs in Boulder, CO utilized the HyperLogic to deliver consistent water quality to improve operational efficiencies and produce the purest product possible.

Dovetail Brewery

Improving Beverage Flavor Profiles with Customized Product Water Chemistry

Dovetail Brewery
A brewery in Chicago uses the HyperLogic to purify city water and inject minerals to recreate the water profile of Pilsen, Czech Republic to brew their own version of Europe’s famous lager.

Holy City Farms

Increasing Yields While Conserving Water

Holy City Farms Case Study
A hydroponic tomato farm in South Carolina filtered their problematic well water to conserve water and use fewer nutrients while still increasing yields.

Cruz Car Wash

Conserving Water with the 4:1 Ratio

Cruz Car Wash Case Study
HyperLogic helped their local car wash cut their water usage in half during California’s historic drought while still giving their customers a spot-free shine.