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Containerized Industrial Water Filtration Systems

  • Integrated and secured piping and electrical for all installed equipment
  • Dedicated connection locations for plumbing and electrical for simplified installation
  • Corrosion resistant interior/exterior finishes and hardware
  • Interior lighting and heating/air conditioning equipment pre-installed
  • Easy to move within the site
  • Built in USA

HyperLogic offers customized 20′ and 40′ high-cube container solutions for irrigation and wastewater treatment. Our industrial water treatment equipment, including prefiltration, industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and pump hardware come fully installed in a reliable Plug & Play ISO container with over-head ceiling lighting. 

The containers are 14 gauge corrugated steel-walled, double-insulated and climate-controlled with a two-ton commercial air conditioning unit per 20′ container space. They are extremely resilient to fluctuations in outside temperatures and weather conditions.

Other Features

  • Lockable double doors on one end
  • Media tanks and permeate line manifolds in hard-piped PVC
  • Vibration isolation for high pressure pump(s)
  • Double containment tubing for chemical lines
  • PVC plates under chemical pumps
  • Built in chemical fan/exhaust hood
  • Local ON/OFF switches
  • Water resistant interior sheathing
  • White Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (FRP) wall panels
  • FRP floor grids in walkways
  • Corrosion resistant flooring grid in walkways
  • Corrosion resistant hardware
  • Powder coated skid mounted equipment
  • Operating manual rack holder near instrument panel


  • Custom engineered P&ID, electrical drawings, specification sheets, schematics and instruction manuals available upon initial deposit
  • Over-the-phone / video chat system startup included
  • On-site system commissioning and operation and maintenance training available for a service charge
  • Quarterly, bi-annual or annual site visits to ensure systems are running to spec and continuous staff training for a service charge

We are devoted to providing the best customer service to support you in getting the highest performance from our products!

Feel free to call our Commercial Department Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm PST at 
(888) 426-5644 ext. 3.

Or email anytime.


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