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Reverse Osmosis System Cost Analysis:
The HyperLogic Advantage

For new cultivation projects requiring commercial water filtration, it can be confusing comparing systems, as well as comparing the companies that sell them. It can be even more confusing when systems that are rated at the same gallons per day (GPD) capacity are priced very differently.

A well-designed water filtration system typically costs about 1% of the overall build-out expense of the entire facility. However, the filtration system is the heart and soul of a grow facility; if it goes down, all other systems become compromised as well. It is not worth cutting costs on such a relatively inexpensive yet crucially important component of the overall project.

While a low price point might appear to save money upfront, there are many hidden costs embedded in budget  products and services that can end up costing much more in the long run. State-of-the-art, well-engineered professional cultivation facilities succeed because they invest in quality components for precise control over inputs, maximize efficiencies, and minimize labor intensive downtime.

Bottom line: Learning how to compare “apples to apples” to make educated, site-specific choices for water filtration is the best way to support a new cultivation facility’s future success.

The HyperLogic Advantage

HyperLogic Water Drop
The HyperLogic Advantage
HyperLogic Water Drop

unknown Years Experience as the Hydroponic Industry Leaders in Water Filtration

unknown Years Experience as the Hydroponic Industry Leaders in Water Filtration

HydroLogic roots and evolution into HyperLogic

MerlinGarden Pro
The Merlin Garden Pro, HydroLogic's First System

Since 2005, HydroLogic Purification Systems pioneered the development of a new breed of efficient reverse osmosis systems for hydroponics. Wasteful, poorly built systems would soon be a thing of the past as HydroLogic’s filters delivered pure water for accurate nutrient formula mixing, but operated at twice the efficiency of any other product on the market.

Eight years later, driven by the desire to continue pushing water conservation into the commercial/industrial sector, Rich Gellert, Founder and President, developed HyperLogic Professional Water Filtration. HyperLogic was the first in hydroponics to offer 4 parts product to 1 part wastewater for reverse osmosis water production ratios, an efficiency unheard of prior to Rich’s standard-setting process innovations.

2016 HyperLogic System
HyperLogic’s first commercial system

Pioneering Water Quality for the Cannabis Industry

Historically, water quality in the hydroponics industry was largely ignored. But over time, boutique growers focused on producing the highest quality product began to hone in on the benefits of purified water. The advantages became clear: Maximize nutrient uptake, higher quality product, control of all inputs, minimize downtime and increased yields, all of which support a solid ROI case for investing in purification equipment. Today, starting a grow with a base formula of pure water has become standard industry practice for companies that are serious about success.

Always pushing the envelope, HyperLogic has developed agricultural source water and wastewater quality testing panels which enables an internal, WQA-certified water quality team to custom design systems to address site-specific water chemistry issues. This precise level of water chemistry analysis is the foundation of HyperLogic’s commitment to designing the highest quality filter systems that will last many years, without issues.

Cannabis Facility Wastewater & Comprehensive Water Test Kit

Top Provider of Commercial Water Filtration Systems for Hydroponics

HyperLogic has installed over 500 commercial systems across 33 US states and 3 countries. Our plug & play skid designs are engineered specifically for the hydroponic industry, individually customized as turn-key designs that are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Most importantly, each system addresses site-specific water chemistry issues, and is custom designed to produce the ideal product water for growing.

Innovating Water Filtration Technology & Sustainability for the Hydroponic Industry

HyperLogic’s industrial reverse osmosis systems continue to lead the industry by achieving ratios as high as 6 parts product to 1 part waste, with an 85%+ recovery. While RO has been described as inefficient in the past, whenever the water is contaminated and cannot be used without treatment, an 85%+ recovery is cutting edge conservation that keeps waste to a bare minimum.

HyperLogic’s newest proprietary reclamation systems treat and reclaim nutrient leachate and HVAC condensate runoff, wastewater that would normally go down the drain. These systems have been used to address strict wastewater discharge or water use regulations in order to pass environmental compliance laws and permitting issues. In many cases, users also save money compared to costly alternative solutions such as trucking off wastewater or paying fines.

Nutrient Runoff Reclamation Container
A recently installed 43,000 GPD Nutrient Runoff Reclamation Container installed at Pure Greens in Salida, CO. The waste from this system is sent to an evaporator in an adjacent container.

Minimum Liquid Discharge Planning and Whole Facility Water Management

For facilities that face strict wastewater discharge regulations or are confronted with on-site limitations, HyperLogic’s wastewater treatment systems can integrate into a full and comprehensive minimal liquid discharge plan. When different qualities of water are needed at different points throughout the facility, especially at the final point of discharge, a complex ecosystem of filters, pumps, tanks, monitors, and controls is designed to manage the whole facility’s water plan. For larger projects, HyperLogic is capable of managing an entire cultivation facility’s water system and water quality concerns.

HyperLogic recently installed a zero wastewater water purification system for Coachillin’, a park with 3,000,000 sq. ft. of hydroponic cultivation. A secondary Concentrator RO treats the waste from the two 250,000 GPD industrial source water ROs, and sends the waste from the Concentrator RO to an evaporator. This creates purified water while producing ZERO waste, and greatly reduces carbon emissions compared to expensive trucking alternatives. Finally, the dedicated Distribution Pump Skid delivers purified RO water to the entire facility.

Coachillin Water Filtration System
Coachillin’s zero waste parkwide water filtration building contains (16) 48" Prefiltration Tanks, (2) 250,000 GPD Industrial ROs, a 57,600 GPD Concentrator RO, and a 400 GPM Distribution Pump Skid.

Integrated System Design with Proper Pre-filtration


Integrated System Design with Proper Pre-filtration

Dual Carbon Anti-Scalant Injection City Water Skid
10,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System WITH Proper Prefiltration


Generic RO System
10,000 Reverse Osmosis System WITHOUT Proper Prefiltration

For every project, HyperLogic’s agricultural water quality experts review source water chemistry reports to custom design a specialized RO pre-filtration system, unique to each grow’s water quality. A proper pre-filtration system engineered to address site-specific water chemistry is essential for ensuring long-term RO membrane life and system efficiency, greatly reducing operating expenses over time. If a water treatment company does not review feed water chemistry, future problems (potentially very costly problems) are all but guaranteed.

Typically, other water treatment companies will rely on expensive maintenance and service plans as a business model and will intentionally under-design pre-filtration systems to lower upfront costs and win bids. This typically results in frequent filter and membrane changes driving up operational costs. There may be a perception of “saving” money upfront, but the value quickly vanishes and ends up costing much more in the long run. Even worse, some water filter companies offer zero technical support after the initial sale, leaving the customer on their own to fix or maintain their improperly designed system.

There is also an important and often overlooked lifespan element to RO systems: Under-designed systems may work initially, but only for a limited amount of time before failing. Developing a multi-year business plan with properly engineered equipment to avoid unnecessary recurring costs should be a priority when comparing filtration systems. Properly designed systems will last much longer over time with fewer consumables and operational costs, saving both money and time in the mid-long term. Additionally, if the operator keeps up with regularly scheduled basic maintenance on a properly designed pre-filtration system, a service plan should not be necessary.

Additionally, an over-reliance on having to replace consumables leaves the RO membranes vulnerable. If they are not replaced on time, they will damage more expensive equipment like the membranes or pump.

Filter TypeCostFilter Gallon CapacityAnnual Replacements using 2,000 GPDAnnual Cost
12″ Backwashing Carbon Filter$989User refillable at minimal cost0$989
20″ Carbon Cartridge$8325,00023$1,909
A backwashing media-based filter will last many years with no maintenance or recurring costs, compared to frequent replacements of cartridge-based filters, which add up very quickly over time.

Superior Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

HyperLogic is focused on delivering optimized, custom engineered systems for minimal downtime and maintenance. However, we also offer various levels of customer support plans designed to fit each project’s individual needs. The free tier plan focuses on education by providing all the tools needed for the owner to operate and properly maintain a system. This includes custom manuals, free phone and video technical support 7 days a week, and access to the HyperLogic maintenance app, which replaces the need for a “basic maintenance” service plan. We are able to assist the majority of our customers remotely with the necessary parts* and service they need, and keep their systems operating at peak efficiency for many years.

HyperLogic Customer Care

Nevertheless, there are a lot of complex engineering variables to a professional cultivation facility, and for customers that do not want to worry about maintenance, HyperLogic offers on-site commissioning, staff training, technical support, and prepaid service plans to ensure your system is installed and maintained to our standards. Additionally, we offer quarterly, bi-annual, or annual on-site service plans to keep systems running at peak efficiency.

*In order to avoid any Covid disruptions to our supply chain, we keep our systems and consumables on hand and in stock.


Highest Quality Components, Hand Built in the USA


Highest Quality Components, Hand Built in the USA

Quality Components Built in USA

HyperLogic uses only the highest quality components and offers competitive pricing for a robust system that is built to last. Our professionally assembled plug & play systems are built in the USA, and are designed for convenient installation, user-friendly operation, and ease of maintenance.

Everything HyperLogic builds is leak and performance tested before it ships. When a HyperLogic system arrives on site, it will be in perfect working order, having already passed our stringent ISO 9001 quality guidelines.

HyperLogic’s commercial RO systems come fully automated by an advanced microprocessor controller, leaving your storage tank full at all times. The controller has programmable setpoints, on-screen water quality diagnostics, and fail-safe water pressure and quality alarms to provide total control over water quality.

The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) on HyperLogic Industrial systems completely automates operation by constantly running at maximum efficiency by utilizing multiple digital flow meters, pressure gauges, and water quality meters to auto-adjust electric actuated system valves. The membrane Clean-In-Place System (CIP) simplifies and automates the membrane cleaning process and allows for automatic permeate flush, significantly increasing the lifespan of the membranes and improving ROI.

HyperLogic System Diagram

How to Compare Reverse Osmosis System Quotes

When comparing commercial reverse osmosis systems, it is important to compare the quality of the more important components such as the prefiltration system, treatment methods, RO pumps, membranes, and RO controller. For example, when comparing the cost of backwashing media tanks, the volume of media should be compared directly. Under-speccing the media volume will lead to several problems: a shorter lifetime of the pre-filtration system, pressure drop issues, ineffectiveness due to not enough contact time, and premature RO membrane failure. In general, the more media that is used, the longer the pre-filtration system will last, resulting in longer protection of the RO membranes.

For water sources that require additional prefiltration for problematic contaminants like iron, manganese, or boron, it is critically important to compare the treatment method and equipment used. Some companies won’t include any additional prefiltration for these contaminants which will severely affect membrane longevity and product water quality. HyperLogic doesn’t cut any corners and will always start off by properly designing the prefiltration system specific to the facility’s unique water chemistry to thoroughly protect the RO system for many years.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System Comparisons
ComponentHyperLogicCompetitorsThe HyperLogic Advantage
Prefiltration SystemCustom prefiltration design specific to your water quality based on our water quality parametersOff the shelf solution with inadequate cartridge based prefiltrationReliable, long term prefiltration system with minimal maintenance requirements, optimum membrane life
RO PumpStainless steel multistage, high-pressure centrifugal pumpLight-duty rotary vane or diaphragm pumps often in brass and not stainless steelLower energy use, longevity, reliability, easier maintenance
RO Membranes & VesselsExtra-low-energy membranes housed in stainless steel or fiberglass membrane vesselsBudget membranes in PVC membrane housings or inferior quality stainless steelLower energy use, durability, better TDS rejection, capable of higher pressures
FittingsBrass compression fittingsPlastic quick connect fittingsFewer leaks, higher quality, capable of higher pressures, longer lasting
Integrated System BuildPre-plumbed, leak tested complete water treatment system installed on a Plug & Play metal skidHire an expensive plumber to plumb individual components togetherConvenience, reliability, professionally assembled, minimizes error, ready to go turnkey system
Wastewater RatioProfessionally engineered RO and prefiltration system allowing up to 85%+ recoveryMaxes out at 75% but may have issues at higher pressures or over fluxing membranesLess wastewater, robust system design, dependable, sustainable
ConsumablesApproximately one year’s worth of consumables are included with each system quoteNo consumables included to lower upfront costsConvenience, price transparency, long term and emergency planning
Support PlanFree tech support, simple DIY maintenance procedures, no service plan necessaryMinimal to zero technical support, or costly service planEconomical solutions appropriate for your business plan, excellent and reliable support
Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Comparisons
ComponentHyperLogicCompetitorsThe HyperLogic Advantage
RO PumpStainless steel centrifugal pump controlled by Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)Multi-stage pumpPrecisely controlled flow rates, more efficient energy usage, longer pump life, prolonged component life
RO Controller10″ color touchscreen Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)Microprocessor controllerComplete system automation guaranteeing peak efficiency, advanced diagnostics, reduces operator error
Membrane CleaningClean-In-Place (CIP) and Permeate Flush SystemClean manually by removing all membranes or rent a mobile CIP for a service fee. Or, never clean membranes and replace frequently once fouledAutomates and simplifies the membrane cleaning process, significantly increasing the lifespan of the membranes and ROI

Well established as both growers and water science experts, HyperLogic is North America’s top hydroponic water filtration solution provider. Continuously leading advances in water filtration technologies, HyperLogic is internationally recognized as the foremost expert in commercial and industrial hydroponic water quality solutions.

Supporting successful companies in growing premium crops is our priority. We also focus on developing cutting edge conservation reclamation systems for treating wastewater such as HVAC condensate, minimum liquid discharge, and nutrient runoff systems for minimizing water use. In addition, HyperLogic helps traditional farmers transition to hydroponics, and builds custom systems for other industries such as breweries, food production, and whole-house RO.

While some systems are less expensive upfront, investing in The HyperLogic Advantage means more long-term value and peace of mind. Trust the industry experts to design your system correctly, so that you can set it up right, leave it alone, and focus on the success of your business.