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Success Begins with Pure Water

Eliminate Variables. Ensure Consistency. Control All Inputs.

Hyper Efficient

98+% PPM reduction while maintaining up to 5 parts product water to 1 part wastewater.

Reverse ratio is a technology that can recycle and reuse a large percentage of commercial reverse osmosis concentrate (waste) water that would normally go down the drain. This process innovation technology recirculates recycled wastewater back through the membranes, achieving the most efficient waste to product water (permeate) ratios in the industry. If conditions are properly met, instead of the typical 4 parts waste to 1 part product water ratio, HyperLogic commercial reverse osmosis systems can run an unbelievable 1:4 waste to product water ratio!

Hyper Intelligent

HyperLogic is the undisputed process innovation leader in next-generation commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO).

HyperLogic's professional series of Industrial and Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems have evolved into the most technologically advanced water filters in the world. Our Commercial systems have an expandable capacity configuration, easily upgraded to achieve higher product water flow rates, while the frame, pump, controls and components all remain the same. Other features such as Clean In Place (CIP) simplifies and automates the membrane cleaning process, drastically increasing the lifespan of the membranes. Our Industrial Reverse Osmosis line has an optional PLC controller, allowing for configurable trending, data analysis, and networked, real-time analytics. This Information output is designed to quickly troubleshoot problems, study process inefficiencies, and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating data.

Hyper Flow

Start at 2,000 GPD; expands to 19,000 GPD. Our industrial systems range from 28,500 GPD to 1,000,000 GPD and beyond.

HyperLogic systems begin at 2000 gallons per day (GPD) output, all the way up to municipal scale 1,000,000 GPD and beyond. With hundreds of successful installs located across the USA, Canada and Mexico, our reputation as the world’s foremost commercial and industrial, industry-focused water filtration solutions company is unsurpassed. Our systems are used in hydroponics, cannabis, wastewater treatment, agriculture, aquarium stores, wet walls, breweries, spot free rinse, water stores, whole house, labs, medical, high tech, ice makers, metal finishing, humidification, misting and a wide variety of other applications.

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Quality. Service. Commitment.

“For over 15 years, HydroLogic Purification Systems has been the proven industry standard for water purification. Today, our commitment to the best quality and service continues to evolve as our HyperLogic commercial/industrial division expands, now supplying pure water and water management solutions to the largest cannabis operations on the planet. Already unbeatable in value and performance, the HyperLogic Professional System line is the logical choice for anyone ready to Grow Pro.”

Rich Gellert, President


HyperLogic Means Cutting-Edge Hydroscience

Reverse Osmosis


99% PPM reduction, on a
commercial scale.​
Full Customization


The HyperLogic can be built for any water quality or application.​

Reverse Ratio

Reverse Ratio

Up to 5:1 product water to wastewater efficiency.
Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology

1,000,000 gallons of purified water a day, and beyond.​
Flow Control


High-accuracy flow metering/measurement.
Made in USA

Made in USA

Designed, engineered and
built in California.
Expandable Capacity


The HyperLogic
grows with you.
Automated Features

Automated Features

Focus your time on profitability, not fixing problems.​

HyperLogic Professional Water Filtration Installs