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About Us

HydroLogic Purification Systems® is well known as the world’s largest and most trusted hydroponic water filtration company. The same focus on quality, durability, and performance is the at the core of our commercial and industrial scale water filtration division, HyperLogic®. Our systems are designed for sustainability, efficiency, and rugged industrial quality. They are manufactured in California, where everything is meticulously hand-built and tested with the best and most cutting edge components available, to ensure unbeatable performance.

Industry Leader In Water Filtration

HyperLogic specializes in providing custom commercial and industrial water purification solutions, each designed to meet site-specific application and water quality needs. HyperLogic’s water treatment systems range in production from 2,000 to 460,000+ gallons per day. HyperLogic RO systems are engineered for the lowest waste to product water ratios in the industry, reducing as much as 75% of wastewater, when compared to other systems.

Plug & Play Water Filtration Solutions

Once a site’s needs are evaluated, HyperLogic’s engineers design custom pre-plumbed, Plug & Play systems to rapidly accelerate the installation process, minimizing expensive downtime. These site-specific solutions include filtration systems for reverse osmosis, pre-treatment, nutrient wastewater and HVAC reclaim, storage with UV recirculation, and repressurization/distribution. The frames and skids are welded in house and each pre-plumbed system is leak and performance tested prior to shipment, following stringent ISO certified quality guidelines. HyperLogic will provide detailed manuals, instructional videos, live tech support, custom installation diagrams and product cut sheets upon equipment delivery. Our high-quality products, competitive prices, unbeatable warranties, decades of horticulture experience, and excellent customer service continue to support our position as the premier water treatment company for commercial and industrial cultivators. As growers of many years, we bring deep knowledge of what it takes to produce the highest quality products, combined with the most advanced water treatment solutions available, to offer an experience unmatched in the industry.
HydroLogic Purification Systems