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Boron Skid

  • Double pass reverse osmosis system with specialty boron membranes
  • Most cost effective and efficient way to lower boron at high volumes
  • Super efficient 75% recovery—the industry standard for boron removal
  • Lowers up to 10 ppm of boron down to approximately 0.5 ppm
  • Membrane Clean In Place (CIP) and permeate flush system included on all boron systems
  • ISO quality certified manufacturing with full system functional performance

Boron can be toxic to plants at elevated levels. The problem is complicated by the fact that boron is extremely difficult to filter out. Typically, standard reverse osmosis technology will reject boron at 50%. Boron removal at high levels requires a specialized reverse osmosis system to lower boron to tolerable levels.

HyperLogic has developed a high-efficiency, custom filter system specifically for removing boron. This system uses specialized boron removal membranes to double pass the water through at high pressure. Fiberglass membrane vessels allow for higher pressures up to 600 psi. The Membrane Clean In Place (CIP) and permeate flush system simplifies and automates the membrane cleaning process, significantly increasing the lifespan of the membranes.

When feed water contains high levels of boron and there are no other water sources available, this system is the most cost effective and efficient way to lower boron down to acceptable levels.

Industrial 4″ Membranes

Industrial 4 in Membranes for Boron System

Industrial 8″ Membranes

Industrial 8 in Membranes for Boron System

*System Dimensions Includes Integrated CIP except 13305


  • Custom engineered P&ID, electrical drawings, specification sheets, schematics and instruction manuals available upon initial deposit.
  • Over-the-phone /  video chat system startup included
  • On-site system commissioning and operation and maintenance training available for a service charge.
  • Quarterly, bi-annual or annual site visits to ensure systems are running to spec and continuous staff training for a service charge

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