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Automated Reclaimed Condensate System (ARCS®) for HVAC Runoff Recovery

  • All equipment comes on a pre-plumbed and leak tested, powder coated, all-metal skid
  • Additional options for feed pumps, on-skid sterilization, or disinfection systems for storage tanks
  • Also treats rainwater
  • Commercial ARCS treats up to 10 GPM -14,400 GPD
  • Industrial ARCS treats up to 20 GPM – 28,800 GPD
  • Other sizes available
One of the cleanest and easiest to reclaim sources of facility generated wastewater is HVAC condensate runoff. It is important to treat due to the problematic metal, industrial and biological contaminants associated with HVAC equipment. The ARCS treats the condensate runoff for general reuse without producing any waste.

Turnkey HVAC Condensate Reclamation Solutions for Zero Water Loss:​

Condensate water has a low pH value, can contain harmful heavy metals and can also harbor dangerous pathogens and bacteria. Condensate water should never be used for any purpose without proper treatment.

Our systems work with any application that creates condensate water such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers, reclaiming and purifying condensate that would normally go down the drain.

The product water from the ARCS is perfectly pH balanced, ultra-low PPM and completely free of contaminants, pathogens and bacteria. ARCS product water can be used for any application requiring pure water and is ideal for horticulture.