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HyperLogic Commercial Reverse Osmosis (RO): 5 Things You Need to Know

HyperLogic’s Commercial RO line can be found all over the world in operations requiring 2,000 to 19,000 gallons a day of purified water. For larger water demand requirements, professional operations require the Industrial and Heavy Industrial systems which feature advanced water management technology for scale filtration. But even with the HyperLogic Commercial RO systems, there’s a lot of technical detail that can be confusing at first glance. To make things a little easier, here’s five important points about our Commercial RO systems you really need to know:

  1. Each System is Custom Designed Based on Your Unique Water Chemistry

    Water ScienceAt HyperLogic, we do extensive water quality testing on each water source to determine what kind of water filtration equipment is needed. After the water is analyzed, we custom design the equipment configuration to address the unique water chemistry profile. No two water profiles are the exact same so it’s important to recognize the value of designing around chemistry specifics. Customization creates less down time, less maintenance, reliably pure water quality, and most importantly, consistently large yields.

    The cookie-cutter approach of “one filter fits all” might be slightly cheaper on the front end, but will likely end up costing a lot more, even in the short term. Not to mention, almost all other commercial RO offerings have very little understanding of the cannabis cultivation industry. We are growers and engineers who understand how water chemistry can make or break a grow.

  2. 4:1 Reverse Ratio

    Water conservation is becoming an increasingly important topic. HyperLogic’s RO technology is without question, the most efficient and environmentally friendly water purification method available whenever TDS/salts are too high. While typical systems waste more water than produced, our Commercial systems can achieve a 4 parts purified water to 1 part waste ratio, virtually unheard of even a few years ago!

  3. Made in the USA Made in America

    While most companies are outsourcing to cut labor and material costs, the HyperLogic Commercial Reverse Osmosis System is 100% made in the USA. We build to the highest commercial product standards, no foreign pressed metal, no substandard fittings or valves, no skimping on quality, period! Our systems are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and are built to last. Each system is hand-built in California at an ISO 9001 certified facility using only the highest quality US components available. The frames and skids are welded in house. Each system is leak and performance tested prior to shipment following stringent ISO certified quality guidelines.

  4. Recirculation/Reclaim Systems

    Wastewater regulations is an issue we hear about daily. We have several options with our Commercial systems that may be helpful when regulations exist. This includes condensate reclamation from your HVAC components, recirculation systems that reclaim nutrient runoff and flush water, and minimum liquid discharge systems that minimize wastewater discharge costs.

  5. #1 Seller, Worldwide!

    HyperLogic Commercial Systems are the #1 selling Commercial Hydroponic RO, world-wide. Our customer base continues to expand, as does our reputation of outstanding service, value and quality. Don’t make the mistake of working with a company without experience in the hydroponic industry. Typically, they aren’t any less expensive on the front end and are MUCH more expensive down the road if improperly designed. If you care about a perfectly engineered setup, bulletproof parts and the highest quality workmanship, look no further. Ask your friends… and competitors, they will tell you: HyperLogic is the only logical choice!Carbon Softener Skid