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Water & Agriculture: Success, Conservation, and Sustainability

Looking back, 2019 was an amazing year for HydroLogic and its commercial division, HyperLogic. Our systems provide pure water to more hydroponic farmers than any other company in North America, millions of canopy square feet growing happy, healthy plants. 

Our proven expertise lies in the science and engineering-driven balance between understanding exactly what the grower needs to achieve the highest quality product, regulatory compliance and ecological sustainability. 

As we have grown over the last 15 years, our commitment to water conservation and reclamation has driven numerous process and technology innovations, landing us some of the largest professional grow operation projects in history. 

Out in the wild, some of our ARCS systems are providing 80% of total daily water demand, water that would normally go down the drain! Nothing makes us happier than a commercial success/sustainability win-win.

Never heard of ARCS?

What began as an ambitious recycling prototype almost 4 years ago, ARCS is now HydroLogic’s most accessible and best-selling water conservation technology, designed to significantly reduce water demand by reclaiming HVAC condensate runoff. With its bulletproof design and immediate ROI results, the ARCS is a key component of HyperLogics’s commercial-scale, zero waste filtration technologies. 

While zero wastewater may not be achievable to every grower (yet), the ARCS filter series is the logical first step, and scales from low-priced, small farm systems to light commercial, full commercial, and all the way up to massive industrial reclamation filters, setting the standard for any professional operation concerned about conserving water. 

Companies like Canopy Growth, Mayflower Medicinals and Kings Garden all use HydroLogic ARCS technology to recycle water and reduce their water footprint. The ARCS series removes heavy metals, biologicals and anything else that could compromise low parts per million feedwater input, necessary for total control of nutrient calibration. ARCS also perfectly balances pH for optimal growth.

We are excited about the beginning of a new decade, with new challenges and new ideas in bringing pure, sustainable water to the cultivation industry. 

Later this year we will be breaking ground at the massive Coachillin facility in the Palm Desert, implementing one of the planet’s largest and most sophisticated aquaponic phytoremediation projects. Our collective ambition is to make this million+ square foot operation achieve the ultimate goal in sustainable farming: ZERO wastewater. It’s been a long, winding road to get to this exciting place in time; the technology and know-how for successful, sustainable commercial operations is finally here.