HyperLogic Industrial Series—7,000 to 28,800 GPD
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Industrial CIP

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Frame 

  • Stainless Steel High Pressure Components, Stainless Steel Pump

  • Microprocessor Controlled Operation

  • Conservatively Engineered for Reliable, Long Term Performance

  • Factory Tested to Ensure Trouble-Free Operation

Standard Equipment

  • Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump

  • Stainless steel membrane pressure vessels

  • Powder coated carbon steel skid

  • Sediment filter with 5 micron filters

  • 316SS high pressure piping and Sch. 80 PVC low pressure piping

  • Motorized automatic inlet feed valve

  • Feed pump throttling valve, SS

  • Concentrate & recycle panel mounted SS flow control valves

  • Automatic membrane feed flush

  • Low inlet pressure switch

  • High pressure switch

  • Panel mounted liquid filled pressure gauges: Filter in/out, pump, concentrate

  • Panel mounted flowmeters: Product, reject and recycle

  • Product TDS (or Conductivity) with digital display readout

  • Cleaning ports

  • System on/off with 2-level tank floats


Clean In Place (CIP)

Industrial CIP

  • The Clean In Place system simplifies and automates the membrane cleaning process which drastically increases the lifespan of the membranes, improving the Return On Investment (ROI).

  • The CIP also doubles as a permeate flush system which immerses the membranes in RO water when the system is not running.

  • The permeate flush is highly recommended where the feed water is likely to cause fouling problems.

  • The CIP system includes PE tank, stainless steel flush pump, filter, valves, quick connect fittings and controls to automatically flush the membranes with RO permeate water at shut-down.

  • Optional Add-On.


Microprocessor Controller for Automatic Operation

Digital Controller for Commercial Water Filtration

Monitors and Controls:

  • Feed water flush at system

  • Low pressure switch

  • On/Off with tank level

  • Permeate Water Quality (TDS)

  • Pre-treatment backwash/lockout

  • Permeate TDS

  • Feed TDS and percent rejection

  • Water Temperature

  • Operating hours

  • RO tank full override

  • Auxiliary pump or valve control (optional)

Controller Features:

  • Backlit LED Display

  • Multi-function keypad

  • Visual and audible alarm & silence key

  • Programmable time delays,
    set-points and flush mode

  • Visual indicator alarm light

  • Low pressure automatic restart

LED Display:

  • Permeate TDS

  • Feed TDS with % Rejection

  • Water Temperature

  • Operating Hours

  • Operating Status

  • Alarm condition

Optional Equipment:

  • Stainless steel boost or repressurization pump
  • pH monitor for feed or for permeate
  • Chemical injection
  • Pre-treatment: softener, carbon, media
  • ORP monitor/controller
  • Filter housing upgrade to SS
  • Turbidity monitor
  • Permeate divert to drain
  • UV system, feed or permeate
  • FRP membrane housings
  • Low energy membranes
  • Clean-in-place doubles as a permeate
    flush system
Industrial System Specifications

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