Holy City Farms: Increasing Yields While Conserving Water

Holy City Farms

Holy City Farms Tomatoes

Holy City Farms’ tomatoes at their local
Farmer’s Market

Holy City Farms started growing tomatoes with great success in fall of 2013. However, during the first year, they began seeing signs of toxicity on the plants. The farm recirculates the water and nutrients, so if an element goes unused it will build over time. Their problem elements were chloride and sodium (chloride: 61 ppm; sodium: 93 ppm). High levels of both sodium and chloride inhibits growth by restricting the uptake of essential nutrients.

Owner and head grower Shawn Ransford found himself having to flush and dump the recirculation tank more frequently. This is less than ideal given the inconsistency for the plant, the lost nutrients, and the environmental impact.  If he wanted to continue recirculating, then he would need to make sure the chloride and sodium levels stayed in check. 

Holy City Farms Hog Snapper Cilantro Creme

A Hog snapper with cilantro creme, heirloom tomato and peach salad, black bean purée, Persian cucumber dish created by the Slightly North of Broad Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.

“It was at that point I got in contact with Rich over at HyperLogic. I considered an off the shelf unit, but wanted feedback given the unique makeup of our well water. Rich quickly responded with answers over email and phone, sized a system according to my water report, and sent it out on a truck almost immediately.”

“I had seen other units in operation and the quality of this unit was far higher. Installation was a breeze and I was up and running. The HyperLogic stripped out the elements and provided clean water… next to no chloride or sodium. Within a short period of time, I no longer had increasing levels of either in my system. Success!”

“Over time, I have had need of new filters and some feedback for water related issues.  Hyperlogic has always been responsive and had very competitive pricing.  I would highly recommend choosing their systems for your operation as well!”

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