Hyper-Logic Reverse Osmosis System Specifications

  • Upgradable from 2,000 GPD to 19,000 GPD

  • Liquid filled pressure gauges for pre-filter in & out, concentrate pressure and system pressure

  • Stainless steel multistage high pressure RO pump with SS pump throttling valve

  • 5 micron 20”x4.5”cartridge filter & housing sediment pre-filter

  • Product, concentrate and recycle flowmeters

  • System control, recycle control and pump throttle valves

Dramatically reduce water use with REVERSE RATIO

5421c4d21a42dReverse ratio is a technology designed to minimize concentrate (waste) water that would normally go down the drain. Reverse ratio technology is a re-circulation method used to recycle waste water back through the membranes to improve efficiency allowing for waste to product (permeate) water ratios unparalleled by other reverse osmosis systems. The ratios are adjustable and if certain feed water conditions are met due to the nature of feed water or by implementing the proper pre-treatment you can literally reverse the ratio that other RO systems offer. Instead of a 4:1 waste to product water ratio you can run an unbelievable 1:4 waste to product water ratio!


Designed to produce "low total dissolved solids" water from city or well water, the Hyper-Logic RO maximizes high efficiency with ultra-low energy reverse osmosis membranes. The product water can be used in applications such as hydroponics, agriculture, aquarium stores, breweries, spot free rinse, water stores, whole house, labs, medical, high-tech, ice makers, humidification, misting and a wide variety of other applications. Hydro-Logic has a complete line of professional quality, commercial water filtration products. We are the leaders in high efficiency, expandable Reverse Osmosis.

  • Expandable capacity – starting at 2,000 Gallons Per Day, the membrane add-on kit allows increased flow rates of up to 10,000 GPD

  • The Mega extended frame version allows flow rates from 11,500 GPD up to 19,000 GPD

  • Adjustable drain water ratios – run hyper efficient ratios of up to 1 parts drain to 4 parts product water. Save more water!

  • Extra Low energy Reverse Osmosis membranes with up to 99% PPM reduction

  • Stainless steel membrane pressure vessels

  • 5 micron 20”x4.5”cartridge filter & housing sediment pre-filter

  • Product flowmeter

  • Concentrate flowmeter

  • Recycle flowmeter

  • System control valve

  • Pump throttle valve

  • Recycle control valve

  • Low pressure pump protection switch

  • Stainless steel multistage high pressure RO pump with SS pump throttling valve

  • Automatic membrane flush

  • Liquid filled pressure gauges for pre-filter in & out, concentrate pressure and system pressure

  • Feed and product water TDS displayed on controller LED

  • Powder coated, heavy gauge carbon steel frame

  • Boxed and palletized for shipment


HyperLogic Controller


The brains of the system is the microprocessor computer controller. This easy to use digital control center features a backlit LED read-out making controlling and maintaining your commercial RO system a snap. It allows for total automation of every stage of the entire filtration process. You can wire in all pre-filtration to the pre-treat lockout contacts and when that pre-filtration is regenerating or backwashing the RO will not call for untreated water. It safe guards the membranes against pulling in untreated source water. The controller allows you to diagnose problems such as low PPM rejection and low pressure faults. It shows you real time performance specs such as PPM of inlet/outlet water, temperature, how many hours the RO has been in operation, % PPM rejection, and operating status. You can wire in a variety of float switch and pressure tank options making topping off the tanks and turning the RO on and off automatic. You can customize the programming of the RO’s auto flush feature, keeping your membranes free of scale and build-up. A proper, user friendly, computer controller is an integral part to any professional grade commercial machine. The HyperLogic controller is the highest quality available, to make automating your filtration setup simple and affective.

The controller monitors and/or controls the following processes:

  • Inlet solenoid valve

  • Delayed start-up of high pressure pump

  • Feed water membrane flush at system shut-down

  • Start-up and shut-down with tank level

  • Product TDS Quality (PPM)

  • Percent rejection of TDS

  • Pre-treatment backwash/lockout

  • LED indicator light for system status/alarm

  • LED indicator light for water quality (TDS)

  • Low pressure shut-down and automatic restart

  • Front panel access port for calibration of TDS sensor

Product Water Quality (TDS) • Operating Status  • Alarm Condition

Product Water Quality (TDS) • Operating Status • Alarm Condition