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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

Flint Michigan Water TowerConsistent, reliably safe water is on the decline around the world. As the problem becomes more difficult to solve, the task of monitoring drinking water quality and ensuring proper filtration is increasingly being left up to the individual. Domestically, Flint, Michigan was a well-publicized public water disaster, however, there are over a million miles of lead pipe delivering drinking water to individual homes throughout the USA, and almost 3,000 areas in the USA where kids test higher for lead than Flint. Conclusion: Even treated city water is vulnerable to serious contamination.

Source water contaminated with toxic compounds like lead, chromium, arsenic, nitrates, pesticides, and herbicides can only be treated through reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis removes up to 99% of most ions and molecules. Increasingly, water treatment chemicals like fluoride, chloramines, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acid, and pharmaceuticals are making their way into city water distribution systems. Almost all counter top filters are inadequate to reduce these harmful contaminants; 99%+ rejection from a commercial grade whole house reverse osmosis system is needed for true peace of mind.

Finding the Right Home Filtration Solution

For most residential water filtration, it is typically more practical and economical to install an under the sink reverse osmosis system to filter water used for cooking and drinking. The HydroLogic ecospring™ is one of the best systems available for under 300 dollars. Using both a backwashing carbon filter and water softener is a good pre-treatment method to increase the lifespan and efficiency of an under the sink reverse osmosis system, while improving the water for the rest of the house.

In cases of high contamination or when pure water is required for every faucet, our whole house reverse osmosis skid removes contaminants to a safe level. The whole house reverse osmosis system fills a clean water storage tank and delivers pressurized water throughout the house via built-in distribution pump. A post-RO carbon and calcite remineralizer is included to deliver polished, great tasting and pH-balanced water to every faucet. Pure water helps guarantee the health and safety of your family, with minimal wastewater from the most efficient whole house reverse osmosis system in the industry.

City Water Skid Whole House
This skid system will treat city water for many years with minimal maintenance. The pre-filtration will protect the RO membranes from contaminants present in city water distribution systems.