Water Conservation

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HyperLogic provides specialized water conservation solutions for many different applications. Whether you need to cut water usage, pass wastewater discharge regulations, or are concerned about the environmental impact of your project, we can work with you to save water, money, and resources to conserve one of the planet’s most valuable resources.

Reclaiming Condensate Water

One of the cleanest sources of wastewater from a facility and easiest to reclaim is the HVAC condensate runoff. However, is still important to treat due to the problematic contaminants associated with this water source. The ARCS treats the condensate runoff without producing any wastewater. 

Turnkey HVAC Condensate Reclamation Solutions for Zero Water Loss:

Condensate water is low in pH, contains harmful heavy metals, and can harbor dangerous pathogens and bacteria. Condensate water should never be used for any purpose without proper treatment.

Our systems work with any application that creates condensate water such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and successfully reclaims and purifies the condensate water that would normally go down the drain.

The product water from the ARCS is perfectly pH balanced, ultra-low PPM and completely free of contaminants, pathogens and bacteria. ARCS product water can then be used for any application requiring pure water and is ideal for horticulture.

Light-Commercial Condensate Reclaim:

Automated Reclaimed Condensate System (ARCS)

  • Perfectly PH Balanced Product Water
  •  Ultra-Pure and Contaminant Free
  •  Zero Pathogens and Bacteria
  •  2,880 GPD Capacity @ 2 GPM

Commercial and Industrial Condensate Reclaim:

commercial condensate reclamation skid

Commercial Automated Reclaimed Condensate Skid System

  • All equipment comes on a pre-plumbed and leak tested powder coated all-metal skid 
  •  Additional options for feed pumps, on-skid sterilization, or disinfection systems for storage tanks
  •  Also treats rainwater
  •  Standard designs treat 7-22 gpm or 10,000-30,000 gpd, other custom sizes available

Filtering Low PPM Water with Minimal Wastewater

City Pure Skid System

Naturally pure and uncontaminated water sources are a diminishing resource these days. However, even relatively pure city water sources contain contaminants that can affect the growth of cannabis. Chlorine and Chloramines are always added by the water treatment plant and are designed to ensure bacteria free water, but kill off beneficial microorganisms. Chloramines require twice as much carbon media to remove, can stunt the growth of plants, hurt aquatic animals, and give beer a medicinal taste. Fluoride is considered a hazardous waste product and is present in nearly all municipal waters. It is known as a toxic substance to humans and plants. Thirty-four enzymes in plants are affected by fluoride, so enzyme additives will not do their job properly with fluoride in the water.

The City Pure was designed for filtering for low PPM or uncontaminated water that doesn’t require full reverse osmosis (RO) treatment, but still removes the problematic contaminants present in municipally supplied city water. The City Pure produces minimal wastewater and backwashes once per week, and is one of the most sustainable ways to improve city water quality.

City Pure Skid System


  • Optimized for low EC/ low TDS city water

  • Bag filter for sediment removal

  • Carbon tank for total chlorine and chloramine removal

  • Special media tank for fluoride removal

  • UV sterilizer for bio-security

  • 4 monitoring cross/test ports

Available on a pre-plumbed, leak tested, powder coated, and all metal 72" x 30" skid in 5 gpm (7,200 gpd) and 10 gpm (14,400 gpd) models. Custom designs and solutions also available.

Conserve Water and Customize Product Water TDS

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Blending System

Adding a blend system to any RO can end up saving significant amounts of time, water, and money, while also allowing you to custom dial in your product water TDS. By blending the carbon-treated water with the RO product water, you can retain a portion of the minerals present in the source water while lowering the permeate TDS to your desired level, AND saving water!

Example: If your source water TDS is 250 ppm, your typical permeate TDS after 98% rejection from the HyperLogic would be 5 ppm. If you wanted a permeate TDS of 50 ppm, you would blend 20% of the post-carbon-treated water (250 ppm) with the RO treated water (5 ppm). If you were operating the HyperLogic with a 1:1 ratio, this would save you 10% of your daily water demand. If you needed 10,000 gpd of RO water, you would be saving 1,000 gallons per day and 365,000 gallons per year, half the size of an Olympic swimming pool!

Blending System

Reclaim and Reuse Wastewater

Nutrient Runoff Filtration System

Our modular Nutrient Runoff Filtration System can be added to any operation to reclaim the nutrient runoff or final flush water for reuse. Water that would normally be sent down the drain can now be reclaimed and reused, reducing the total water usage by at least 50-80%. This skid is ideal for the water conscious cannabis grower or any time there are limits placed on the amount of water that can be used or discharged in a facility and is the next step in getting your facility as close to zero water discharge as possible. Read more about out whole wastewater treatment and zero water discharge solutions here:

Minimum Liquid Discharge Flow Chart

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