Water Softener

Removes hardness prior to reverse osmosis unit. Allows for maximun RO efficiency.

Water softeners are an extremely important pre-filtration stage to ensure maximum efficiency of the HyperLogic system. These units are included into purification systems to treat hard water after it is identified in the water source. High hardness levels will scale membranes prematurely and not allow ultra-efficient product to waste water ratios.


Hard water is caused by excess minerals present in a water source containing Ca (Calcium), Mg (Magnesium), and Fe (Iron). These minerals are undesirable in a water source because they cause high TDS, scaling build-up, water spots, and limit RO membrane efficiency. The softening system consists of a mineral tank and a brine tank. Water flows through the mineral tank which contains resin, the dissolved solids in the water attach to the resin resulting in an outflow of soft water. Brine tanks are used on these systems to regenerate the resin from salt.

  • Increases efficiency of the Hyper-Logic system by pre-treating the water
  • The RO membrane life drastically increases due to this stage of filtration
  • Ensures ultra-efficient product to waste water ratios
  • Softeners exchange sodium for minerals causing hardness, which is easily filtered out RO systems
  • Automatic regeneration with brine tanks
  • High quality manufacturing process made in the USA
  • Prevention of water spots and staining from water source

Product Numbers:
HL 11748
HL 11750
HL 11752
HL 11754
HL 11756
HL 11758