Automated Reclaimed Condensate System (ARCS)

Automated Reclaimed Condensate System (ARCS)

The ARCS reclaims and purifies condensate water from air conditioners and dehumidifiers that would normally go down the drain.

The HydroLogic Automated Reclaimed Condensate System (ARCS) works with any application that creates condensate water such as air conditioners and dehumidifiers, and successfully reclaims and purifies the water that would normally go down the drain.

Condensate water is low in pH, contains harmful heavy metals and can harbor pathogens and bacteria. It should never be used for any purpose without proper treatment.

The product water from the ARCS is perfectly pH balanced, ultra-low PPM and completely free of contaminants, pathogens and bacteria.

ARCS product water can then be used for any application requiring pure water and is ideal for horticulture.

  •  Perfectly PH Balanced Product Water
  •  Ultra-Pure and Contaminant Free
  •  Zero Pathogens and Bacteria
  • 2,880 GPD Capacity @ 2 GPM

Product Number: HL 11670

Product Number: HL 11670
Dimensions (H x W x D): 28″ x 30″ x 11″
Weight: 57 lbs (not including pump)
Capacity: 2,880 GPD @2 GPM

Filter Life

Stage 1) Sediment Cartridge—replace every 5,000 gallons. This is an average. If you notice your condensate water is unusually dirty you may need to replace this more often. We suggest replacing it a minimum of every 6 months, as good practice.

Stage 2) Heavy Metal Reduction Cartridge—replace every 10,000 gallons.

Stage 3) Ph Neutralizing / Remineralizing Cartridge—replace every 10,000 gallons.

Stage 4) UV Sterilizer—Always on. Bulb lasts 1 year. Ballast indicates when to change. Follow the instruction manual for the UV system.

ARCS System & Parts