RO Membrane Cleaning Cartridge

Cleaning cartridge for HyperLogic RO membranes

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Simply exchange the pre-filter cartridge in your system with a cleaning cartridge and run the system to flush the chemical into the membranes. Allow the solution to sit in the system overnight, then flush the chemicals to drain the next morning.

We recommend a monthly cleaning to obtain optimum results.

This single use 4.5″ x 20″ cartridge fits into the sediment pre-filter housing on the HyperLogic RO.

We carry 3 different cartridges that specialize in cleaning the membranes of different contaminants to reduce the potential of membrane fouling as well as 2 different cartridge sizes depending on the amount of membranes.

Scale Removal – cleans the membrane for mineral scale, hardness, iron, barium sulfate, etc.

Organics Removal – cleans the membrane for biofilms and organics.

Silica Removal – cleans the membrane for silica and silicates.



Scale Removal 1-3 Membranes (4.5 lbs.) – HL #11919

XL Scale Removal 4-6 Membranes (9 lbs.) – HL #11916

Organics Removal 1-3 Membranes (4.5 lbs.) – HL #11920

XL Organics Removal 4-6 Membranes (9 lbs.) – HL #11917

Silica Removal 1-3 Membranes (4.5 lbs.) – HL #11921

XL Silica Removal 4-6 Membranes (9 lbs.) – HL #11918