Custom HyperLogic Systems

HydroLogic will work with you to provide the equipment necessary to produce the purest water possible. No matter how bad your water quality, rest assured we can handle it. We specialize in providing custom solutions for each customer’s specific application ensuring a successful operation with maximum productivity and efficiency. Our HyperLogic Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems range in production from 2,000 to 19,000 gallons per day and are expandable. They feature the lowest waste water to product water ratios in the industry, saving as much as 75% of the waste water compared to other systems. We can also build custom units much larger than this if necessary.


Everything HydroLogic builds is leak and performance tested before we ship it out. Rest assured, when it arrives the system will be in perfect working order having already passed our stringent quality guidelines. HydroLogic has a large manufacturing facility in California where everything is meticulously hand-built with the finest components available.


Los Angeles, CA

Mobile, Metal Frame-Mounted RO

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • Dual carbon filter for chloramine removal

  • Softener

  • Sediment bag filter for pre-filtration

  • 3 pressure gauge/test ports

Cannabiotix contacted us because they needed help removing chloramines present in the city water which were slowing the growth rate of their cannabis plants and killing off their beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae. We sized the carbon filters to have 10 minutes of contact time for total chlorine and chloramine removal. We also designed this system to be upgradable to 10,000 gallons per day as their operation expands. The HyperLogic system took the 700 ppm feed water from an industrial part of the city down to 12 ppm for over 98% rejection.

Quality Growers

Raymond, WA

Quality Growers Control Room

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • City water treatment & nutrient reclaim

  • On-skid distribution for delivery from storage tanks

  • UV sterilization to ensure proper bio-security

  • 3 pressure gauge/test ports

This client was limited by the amount of water that they could discharge to the city, so they reached out to us for a reverse osmosis system that could reclaim nutrient runoff and final flush water that they would normally be sending down the drain. The HyperLogic reclaim system has minimized their wastewater discharge bill from the city, proving to be a more economical decision than trucking out their wastewater.

Custom Skid

Seattle, Washington

Mobile, Metal Frame-Mounted RO

  • 10,000 gallon per day RO

  • City Water Turnkey System

  • Pressure booster feed pump with bladder tank

  • Triple water heater for optimum flow

  • Dimensions: 92 " x 48" x 86"

  • Weight: 1,495 lbs

With low pressure and cold water supplied by the local municipality, our client could not get the flow rate they needed for their operation. We added a pressure booster pump and bladder tank to deliver water from their 10,000 gallon reservoir and supply their facility with 60 psi water. We also installed our 480v, 3 phase power HyperLogic model to meet their electrical requirements.

Custom Skid

Monterey Bay Area, CA

Mobile, Metal Frame-Mounted RO

  • 2,000 gallon per day RO

  • Carbon filter

  • Softener

  • 3 pressure gauge/test ports

This client’s facility was located in an industrial building and needed a filtration system that could purify the water for commercial agriculture. The HyperLogic system was able to clean up the industrial water at 98% rejection, at an extremely high recovery rate of 80%. We also sized the pre-filtration so that they could eventually expand up to 10,000 gallons per day as their operation expands.

Cruz Car Wash

Santa Cruz, CA

Cruz Car Wash control room

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • Sediment bag filter

  • Softener

  • Carbon filter

  • 2 pressure gauge/test ports

In the middle California’s longest drought, Cruz Car Wash was looking for ways to save water. Using the HyperLogic’s reverse ratio of 4 parts product water to 1 part wastewater, they were able to cut the amount of water used per car in half!

Custom Skid

San Jose, CA

Mobile, Metal Frame-Mounted RO:

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • Softener

  • Carbon filter

  • 2 pressure gauge/test ports

This system was outfitted with a high pressure switch to fill multiple reservoirs throughout the facility including this 10,000 gallon reservoir in the background.

Whole House Well Water RO

Las Vegas, NV

Mobile, Metal Frame-Mounted RO

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • Sediment pre-filtration

  • Remineralization for drinking water

  • UV filter for biosecurity

  • Delivery pump for pressurized water

Our client originally had 1,000+ ppm well water that was difficult to use for ordinary household activities. The HyperLogic RO was able to remove 95% of the contaminants with minimal wastewater while our post-RO remineralization filter, delivery pump, and bladder tank provide pressurized and pH balanced water of the highest quality to their whole house.



Dassi Family Farms

Dassi Family Farms control room

  • 8,000 GPD HyperLogic

  • Water softener

  • Twin carbon filter

  • Multiple dosers for fertilizer application

This upscale green house hydroponic tomato farm went from unacceptable 850 ppm city water full of hardness and sodium chloride to 8 ppm pure RO water. They were able to take full control of their nutrient regimen and now harvests have never been better!

Morris Farms

Morris Farms control room

  • 4,000 gallon per day RO

  • Chlorine injection

  • Anti-scalant injection

  • Iron filter, carbon filter

  • Dual sediment bag filters

  • 4 pressure gauge/test ports

  • Pressure booster pumps and pressure tank.

This client initially had 1,100 PPM water full of iron, coliform bacteria, hardness, silica, and high TDS. With the HyperLogic installed, they now have 9 ppm perfectly pure water, and harvests have doubled!