HyperLogic Heavy Industrial Series—28,800 to 460,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

Water Filtration Heavy Industrial Series

Key Features

  • 30 years of experience is reflected in our quality

  • Heavy duty powder coated frame

  • SS High pressure components, SS Pump

  • Microprocessor Controlled Operation

  • Conservatively engineered for reliable long term performance

  • Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation

Standard Equipment

  • Thin Film Composite Membranes

  • Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump

  • FRP pressure vessels

  • Polypropylene 5M filter housing for Hydro-K-48B & Hydro-K-68C, 316SS housing for larger models

  • 316SS high pressure piping and Sch. 80 PVC low pressure piping

  • Motorized automatic inlet feed valve

  • Feed pump throttling valve, SS, or VFD Drive

  • Panel mounted SS flow control valves

  • Automatic membrane feed flush with permeate flush option

  • Low inlet pressure switch

  • High pressure switch

  • Panel mounted liquid filled pressure gauges: Filter in/out, pump, concentrate

  • Panel mounted flowmeters: product & concentrate

  • Product TDS (or Conductivity) with digital display readout

  • Cleaning ports

  • System on/off with 2-level tank floats

  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame

Water Filtration Heavy Industrial Series
Water Filtration Heavy Industrial Series

Standard Controller

Digital Controller for Commercial Water Filtration

Monitors and Controls:

  • Feed water flush at system

  • Low & high pressure switches

  • On/Off with tank level

  • Permeate Water Quality (TDS)

  • Pre-treatment backwash/lockout

  • Permeate TDS

  • Feed TDS and percent rejection

  • Water Temperature

  • Operating hours

  • RO tank full override

  • Auxiliary pump or valve control (optional)

Controller Features:

  • Backlit LED Display

  • Multi-function keypad

  • Visual and audible alarm & silence key

  • Programmable time delays,
    set-points and flush mode

  • Visual indicator alarm light

  • Low pressure automatic restart

LED Display:

  • Permeate TDS

  • Feed TDS with % Rejection

  • Water Temperature

  • Operating Hours

  • Operating Status

  • Alarm condition

Optional Upgrade Feature: Programmable Logic Controller - PLC

PLC with 10” color touchscreen that automates, controls, and monitors the functions of the RO System

10” Siemens Color Touch Screen GUI

  • Completely automates RO operation. The PLC utilizes multiple flow meters, pressure gauges, temperature probes, and TDS meters, to constantly adjust the system to perform as efficiently as possible.
  • Eliminates human error of manipulating valves and controls, giving facility staff confidence the system is always operating at maximum efficiency. Advanced security only allows authorized users to enter operating and programming modes.
  • Automated Permeate Flush upon startup and shut down allows any scaling debris to be flushed out of the membranes and drastically extends membrane life.
  • Integration of networking systems allows for easy communication with other control systems.
  • Troubleshooting the RO systems is dramatically simplified and warns staff before problems are created.

Standard PLC Features (Included)

Touch Screen Control:

Manual control features allow operators to open valves, start and stop pumps by pressing the icon on the Touch Screen Panel display.


Engineering and System Setup Interface:

Through the Touch Screen the alarm setpoints, efficiencies, and proportional control settings are fully adjustable.


Data Logging Features:

The system parameters are logged through the touch screen panel software and saved to an Excel file onto a secure digital card for analysis.


Upgradable PLC Features (Optional):

Advanced Data Monitoring

Allows for configurable trending, data analysis, and development of an Excel spreadsheet to retrieve and chart data, with the capability to publish real-time and historical information to the Internet. Information can quickly troubleshoot problems, study process inefficiencies, and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating the data.


Remote Monitoring and Control:

This feature allows access to view and control system operation from any remote location with an internet connection. Includes laptop required to communicate with system and to access real time information.


Alarm Notification:

Alarms are configured to contact employees via cell phone or text. Alarms can be vocalized over speakers, radios, and telephones. Users can listen to and acknowledge alarms, change set points, hear exact values of variables, and operate equipment via telephone from remote locations, saving valuable time and money.


Clean In Place (CIP)

  • The Membrane Clean-In-Place system simplifies and automates the membrane cleaning process which drastically increases the lifespan of the membranes, improving the Return On Investment (ROI).

  • The CIP also doubles as a permeate flush system which immerses the membranes in RO water when the system is not running.

  • The permeate flush is highly recommended where the feed water is likely to cause fouling problems.

  • The CIP system includes PE tank, stainless steel flush pump, filter, valves, quick connect fittings and controls to automatically flush the membranes with RO permeate water at shut-down.

  • Optional Add-On.



Optional Equipment

  • Stainless steel boost or repressurization pump
  • pH monitor for feed or for permeate
  • Chemical injection
  • Pre-treatment: Softener, carbon, media
  • VFD Drives
  • ORP monitor/controller
  • Filter housing upgrade to SS
  • Turbidity monitor
  • Permeate divert to drain
  • UV system, feed or permeate
  • FRP membrane housings
  • Low energy membranes
  • Clean-in-place doubles as a permeate
    flush system
  • PLC with 10" Touchscreen

Water Filtration Heavy Industrial Specification Table

Note: Skid dimensions do not include CIP

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