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As an option, all the Industrial water treatment equipment including prefiltration, Industrial Reverse Osmosis system, and pump hardware can come fully installed in a reliable plug & play ISO container. Our 20 & 40 foot, high-cube containers can come fully customized with the following equipment and features:

  • 14-Gauge corrugated steel panels
  • Lockable double doors on one end
  • Heavy-duty insulated interior panels
  • Two-ton commercial air conditioning unit (2 Qty. per 40’ container, 1 Qty per 20’ container)
  • Full over-head ceiling lighting
  • Pre-Wired Electronic outlets and components
  • Pre-Plumed and interconnected centralized plumbing for easy connecting
  • Corrosive Resistant Hardware
  • Powder coated strut and painted exposed surfaces
  • Media tanks and permeate line manifolds in hard-piped PVC
  • Vibration isolation for HP pump(s)
  • Waterproof valve and instrument tags for all major equipment, instruments and valves
  • FRP Floor grids in walkways
  • White FRP wall panels for a fine finished look
  • Double Containment Tubing for chemical lines
  • PVC Plates under chemical pumps
  • Built in chemical fan/exhaust hood
  • Local ON/OFF switches
  • Operating manual rack holder near instrument panel