Thank you for your inquiry into the HyperLogic Commercial Water Filter. We now need some critical information from you about the conditions the HyperLogic will operate in. Typically, we need a full spectrum of details, such as turbidity, PH and mineral content, to ensure performance optimization, as conditions vary considerably from location to location. Please email us at and we will send you a PDF form immediately.

If you do not have this information, please call us at +1 888-426-5644 Ext. 3 to order a water testing kit. We work with the best labs in the country ensuring accurate analysis of your water. Once you have the required information, please email us at and we will send you a PDF form, immediately.

Your success is very important to us, it’s what we have built our reputation on. By providing us with these details, you can rest easy knowing highly experienced professionals are designing the best system possible for your specific needs. Pure water’s not’s logic!

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Quality & Awards

Our industry-leading standards for product quality and exceptional customer service are integral to our continuing leadership role in commercial RO, and we are proud to be an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau of America.

GREEN BUSINESS SINCE 2002 While continually strive to improve waste reduction as fossil fuel use, some of our standard practices include: 100% recycled office paper, solid ink for printing, CFL with motion sensors, continual box and pallette reporposing, not to mention the HyperLogic’s 4:1 ratio saves water consumption like not other on the market.

Water Quality Association Member title=
MEMBER OF WATER QUALITY ASSOCIATION SINCE 2002  WQA represents the world as an international advocate for clean, sustainable water solutions. We are honored to be part of one of the most important growing movements of our time.

100% MADE IN AMERICACheap goods are an all too common sight in the RO industry, leading to increased waste and expense in the long run. The HyperLogic is 100% made, manufactured and assembled in America, with standards second to none in the world.