Cruz Car Wash: Conserving Water with the 4:1 Ratio

Cruz Car Wash Custom Water Filtration Solution

Considering California is officially in a drought with no end in sight, drastic water use reduction is on everyone’s mind, especially those folks who run businesses that depend on water. When Cruz Car Wash asked us how we could reduce the number of gallons used to wash a car, without affecting the top-notch quality their patrons expect, the choice to install a HyperLogic system was a no-brainer.

Cruz Car WashAs a part of being Monterey Bay Green Business Program’s only certified green car wash, Cruz Car Wash made a promise to the drought-stricken Santa Cruz city water department to bring water usage down to the “low 20’s” from the original 34 gallons per car usage, even though this is an unfathomable number in the service car wash industry. Post HyperLogic installation, Cruz Car Wash nailed 17.83 GPC. And we haven’t even been redirecting “pit” water yet! Cruz Car Wash’s success in reducing GPC to a bare minimum without affecting the value of their service is a perfect example of the HyperLogic’s incredible performance and versatility.

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