Stenner Chemical Injection System

Commercial-scale chemical injection system

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Chemical injection systems have a variety of uses wherever consistent chemical injection is needed, and enables the injection of a specific concentration in parts per million into a feed line. Chemical injection systems are most commonly used in pre-treatment to either inject chlorine for disinfection and oxidizing contaminants, or for injecting anti-scalant to mitigate the damaging effects of hardness and silica on the Hyper-Logic reverse osmosis membrane(s). Additionally, there is a wide variety of other applications found in agriculture such as fertilizer, re-mineralization, or acid injection.

Stenner Pump Series:

  • 7.5 or 15 gallon solution tank
  • Vertical mounting and a water-proof hood to protect the motor
  • Ships pre-assembled
  • Childproof lid
  • Lightweight but rugged

Stenner LD

Specializes in low output dosing, typically used for anti-scalant injection. 110v

Outputs: 1 – 55 oz. per day (M Tube) or 0.02 – 1.5 GPD (F Tube)

7.5 gal, 110v (HL #11718)

Stenner FP

Flow activated pump that can inject proportionally to the amount of flow when hooked up to a flow meter – 120v

Output: 0.2 – 1.3 GPD

7.5 gal, 110v (HL #11717)

Stenner Classic

Adjustable, reliable, and self-priming pump that can inject up to 100 psi. Available in 110v and 220v.

Output: 0.1 – 3 GPD

7.5 gal, 110v (HL #11713)

7.5 gal, 220v (HL #11714)

15 gal, 110v (HL #11715)

15 gal, 220v (HL #11716)